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The Two Captains



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The biggest shock of getting set up in the charter business was suddenly realizing I was going to have to cook! And not just “cook,” but cook three meals a day for 4-6 people for a week, and do it well enough to keep everybody happy! Charter brokers like to call anyone who cooks a “chef”, but in fact only a small percentage of those who cook on charter boats have any culinary training. The closest I came to culinary training is the irrelevant fact that my aunt’s husband’s sister is Julia Child.

Fortunately, I like to eat well and interestingly, so that unexpected role turned into an opportunity to expand my horizons in the galley. I recall my brochure billing our fare as “healthy with a touch of indulgence,” and our menu strove to incorporate the flavors of the islands, Pacific and Mediterranean.

Nine years later, when Don and I left the Virgin Islands to “cruise the world,” we at first feared we were going to have to “give up the gourmet.” Where were we going to buy all the foodstuffs we were used to? Were we going to be confined to a diet of rice, beans, pasta and canned meats like so many cruising books suggest?

The truth turns out to be that we just traded our focus. Every place has its specialties, its own flavors and its markets. Just as the world is full of new horizons in places, people and culture, it is equally full of new horizons in eating, provisioning and cooking! It took us a little while to catch on to this aspect of our travels, but, now that we’re into it – trust me – the Two Captains will give it all the attention it deserves!

Number Place Title Recipes
1 Virgin Islands Leaving Chartering Behind Grilled Salmon Diablo
2 Virgin Islands New Orientations for the Chef Caribbean Chicken
3 Eastern Caribbean West Indian Cuisine Gwen’s Callaloo
4 Trinidad Trinidad Bake ‘n Shark
5 Venezuela Venezuela Phantom’s Conch Chowder
6 Colombia The Colombia Coast Seared Tuna with Wasabi Sauce
      Orange Sesame Noodles
7 Central America A Good Time to Diet Slim Fast Shakes
8 Nicaragua & El Salvador Land of Volcanoes Pupusas & Curtido
9 Mexico - Huatalco to Zihua Welcome to Mexico Pozole Rojo
10 Mexico - To Puerto Vallarta Mexico’s Riviera Mojitos (Cuban!)
      Chiles en Nogada
11 Mexico - La Paz Fish Tacos TII’s Quick & Spicy Fish Tacos
12 Mexico - Aguaverde Squid Gemini’s Calamari a la Cortez
13 Mexico - Loreto Area Clams Linguine and “Wedgie” (Clam) Sauce
14 Mexico - North Sea of Cortez Fish, Fish and MORE Fish! “Roy Rogers” Fish Sausage
15 Mexico - North Sea Chipotle Peppers TGN’s Marinade for Lobster
      Lady Galadriel’s Marinade for Shrimp
      Southwest Caesar Salad
16 Mexico - Sea of Cortez Dorado, HO! Pickled Fish
17 Mexico - Mazatlan Chili Cookoff Tacky Chili
18 Mexico - Oaxaca El Naranjo Cooking Class Sopa de Tortilla
19 Mexico - Mazatlan Traditional Dish of Lent Chiles Colache
20 Virgin Islands West Indian Favorites Pumpkin Soup
      Chicken Rotis
      Key Lime Pie
21 Mexico Where's the Meat?

Steaks a la Tackless II


Baja Cowboy Rub

22 Mexico's Colonial Loop Inland Favorites Chilaquiles Rojo
      Tlalpe? Soup
      Enchiladas with Pork and Green Sauce
23 Mexico Tequila The Standard Margarita
      The 2Cs? Best Margarita
      Homemade Sangrita ? Sidekick for a Tequila Shot
      Glenn Altshuler?s Margarita Chicken Fajitas
      Tackless II?s Zesty Grilled Pork Chops with Pineapple and Couscous
      Glazed Tequila Cake
24 Pacific Passage Passage Food Divine Turkey Tettrazzini
      Italian Meatloaf
      Crepes Ensenada
25 French Polynesia
Bananas Banana Jam
      Banana Cobbler
      Banana Flower Salad
      Banana Flower Dinner
26 French Polynesia
Vegetarian Dishes Apogee's Shepherd Pie
      Sujata's Potatoes
      T2's Chinese Cole Slaw
      Mary's Banana Cobbler
27 French Polynesia
Society Islands
Papaya Papaya Guacamole
      Green Papaya Curry
      Papaya Rice
      Chinese Papaya Salad
28 French Polynesia
Poisson Cru Poisson Cru
29 Suwarro,
Cook Islands
Coconuts Fresh Coconut Cream

Fresh Coconut Milk

Vero's Coconut Pancakes

Virgin Islands Painkillerr

30 The Samoas Where Cultures Meet Umu-less Pulasami


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Published at Burlington, VT